Altogether this information will allocate commanders faster communications after that a better view of the battlefield. So at once, in the vehicle, they have the capability en route for use digital communications after that we didn't have so as to before. This training bidding continue to evolve at the same time as the Army incorporates add Soldier input. Now its communications equipment will be, too. This definitely gives the Army a agree with generation of technology.

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Ahead of delivering the new arrangement systems to the Stryker units, the capabilities were validated through the Arrangement Integration Evaluations, or NIEs, a series of events that leverage the 2nd Brigade, 1st Armored Allotment, conducting rigorous mission scenarios in a realistic active environment at Fort Delight, Texas, and White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico Feedback from Soldiers by the NIEs and those assigned to capability set-fielded BCTs is helping en route for shape communications equipment after that technology for future units. WIN-T Increment 2, fielded at brigade, battalion after that company echelons, enables deployed Soldiers operating in aloof and challenging terrain en route for maintain voice, video after that data communications while arrange patrol, with connectivity rivaling what's typically found all the rage a stationary command boundary marker. As the Army shifts from developing system-specific, stove-piped tactical communications capabilities en route for delivering a network so as to is integrated across the BCT formation, training is also shifting to application on a system of systems approach. The additional mobile communications system, accepted as Capability Set 15, or CS 15, provides improved connectivity throughout the SBCT, reducing the units' reliance on fixed after that line-of-sight communications. Drawing arrange lessons learned from before units fielded with the integrated communications package, the training includes instruction arrange how the systems act as a group all the rage various mission scenarios. It gives the commanders the ability to push orders down and makes them aware of where their Soldiers are and can you repeat that? the battlefield looks akin to. All this information bidding give commanders faster communications and a better analysis of the battlefield.

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