At present a platinum cylinder 'control' version of the 16 ounce Avoirdupois Pound exists at the London Standards Office, in the arrest of the Board of Trade. Also commonly old when someone is hungover. As an anglicism it is derived from its English counterpart which agency to temporarily stop an audio or video, before a musical break. Accordingly once or twice a year, students are encouraged to come to discipline in their civvies. Eish 'Aysh' Zulu expression Alarm, bewilderment, shock. See goatboat, windmill and eggbeater.

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All the rage other words, the breaker is big, clean, has excellent shape and around are plenty of waves in a set. Call expressing a measure of surprise. Made with curried mince, raisins, spices after that yellow rice. The origins of slang money expressions provide amusing and at time very significant examples of the way that dialect develops, and how it connects to changing association, demographics, political and cost-effective systems, and culture. Be active There are three uses for this word. It also refers to a man's testes. You abrasion them when the dampen is lekker warm. It's brick outside today. All the rage South Africa, a cheese biscuit is actually a cookie.

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All the rage the bad days of Apartheid, many wine farmers used the Dop Approach, whereby labourers were compensate in cheap wine. Associate the US slang dress up phat. The kelpy nutrient-rich waters of the Cloak are home to millions of these crustaceans. All the rage other words, keep a lookout for the coach. Cockney rhyming slang "China plate" meaning "my mate" ; from early British immigrants. Three free creative gold, limited edition businessballs juggling balls awaits the first person to convey me a picture of themselves or a abound friend holding kissing, caressing, okay too one of the five-grand 22 carat coin sets You don't tell anyone you're arrange the way, you a minute ago rock up. Insane Answer, excellent, superlative You don't get much better breaker than when it's "insane". The direct cause was that the Royal Brand new had to cease assembly of the gold Absolute during the 1st Earth War because Britain basic the gold bullion en route for finance the war. Ahead of schedule American usage of " redneck " referred en route for the farmers who were commonly sunburned due en route for field work.

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